FourDeX Eyewear

from virtual dream to exceptional eyewear

3D printed Ivory look

March 3 2020

drag with mouse or finger to rotate frame above

Candy version of skull frame

March 3 2020

drag with mouse or finger to rotate frame above

”Beautiful worlds are created in virtual reality. The technology to turn this into real things has arrived”

3D printing is evolving fast. Full color 3D printed eyewear is now a reality. As we hoped that this would be possible four years ago FourDeX started to dream about eyewear that didn’t exist then.

Learning about 3D designing, modelling and extensive testing with the industry was a hard job. Now finally the fun begins. Beautiful eyewear that till now only existed in the brain of creative people can be printed. Super lightweight and strong eyewear is the result of years of hard work.

3D printed face shield

Helps preventing direct contact with contaminated droplets from both parties. Super light weight 3d printed nylon head band with removable PVC shield. One size fits all with the elastic back strap.

Costs are 30 USD ex shipment and local taxes.

Please send an email to to order. A customized version can be made for you when ordering a minimum batch of 50 pieces.